Why should you learn with us?

Our Courses:

Are Internationally Accredited

Can be delivered 100% Online

Allow for self-paced learning

Are tailored to the workplace

Are affordable

Are practical, utilizing case studies to promote understanding

Are relatable and culturally appropriate

Are concise and easy to follow

Include downloadable templates for use within your organization

Check and reinforce understanding through reflection activities and quizzes

Course FAQs

Who should take these Courses?

Our courses are designed for everyone who wants to learn more about taking care of their mental health and the health of those they supervise in the workplace. Our course “Managing Mental Health” is specifically designed for anyone in a Human resource, supervisory or managerial role in their place of work.

What kind of certificate do I get?

You will get a CPD UK certificate valid for 2 years on completion of any of our courses.

What is CPD UK accreditation?

CPD UK accreditation is offered by the CPD Certification Service, an internationally recognized body that evaluates learning activities to the highest standards.  CPD Member and CPD Certified symbols offer professionals and associations reassurance that training contents and method are of the highest quality and in keeping with CPD best practice guidelines.

What is the difference between the Comprehensive courses and the Short Courses?

Our comprehensive courses are “Managing Mental Health” and “Mental Health Awareness for Employees”. These courses explore workplace mental health in detail and require 8-10 hours of study time to complete.  Short courses on the other hand explore one mental health topic at a time and are best suited to learners looking for bite-sized learning in workplace mental health.

Should I purchase a comprehensive course, or should I take a short course?

Your choice of course depends on your budget and your learning or training goals. Our short courses are suitable for learners looking for more affordable and bite-sized learning while the comprehensive courses are for learners looking for more detailed content. 

How long will it take to complete the courses?

The completion time for the short courses is 30-60 minutes, Learners will have access to each short course for two weeks. We recommend enrolling on one course at a time.

All learners are given access to the Comprehensive courses for three (3) months. By completing at least one module per week, learners enrolled on the Comprehensive Course will be able to complete all the modules in three (3) months or less. Learners requiring additional time can do so at an extra cost.

Does OHWS offer Face-to-Face Training options or is all training entirely online?

We are able to offer Face-to Face training in some locations, please contact us on training@ohwsltd.com for more information.

What is the cost of the courses?

Please contact us via email on payment@ohwsltd.com to get course pricing for groups of more than 10 learners, as a discount may apply based on the number of learners in a cohort.

All other costs are as indicated in our course store.

I would like a comprehensive Mental Health program for my organization, besides training what else do you recommend?

At OHWS, we offer comprehensive Workplace Mental Health Services, send us an email on training@ohwsltd.com to discuss our other service offerings with a member of our team.

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